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Yelitza is an eclectic singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. Born and raised in Birmingham, For Yelitza music was not the most obvious route to take.  As a young girl she loved to read and would much rather sit and write poetry than play outside with the other kids.  A shy girl, Writing was her way to find expression and freedom.  The singing however never truly came to light until her late teens.  A local rapper was looking for a singer to do backing vocals.  Yelitza volunteed!  Once she picked up the mic and hit the stage she never looked back.  It was only a matter of time before her healthy love of writing and natural musical ear developed into the artist we have today.


Fierce determination has seen Yelitza onto many a stage across her hometown.  A soulful and honest singer she brings her own distinctive blend of old school R&B, pop, rock, and dancehall reggae – paying homage to her Jamaican heritage.  Comfortable in front of a large crowd, charming in a more intimate setting, Yelitza is an alluring presence with a seductive voice.  Her writing is complex simplicity; sweet, sassy and refreshing.  Her ability to play around with metaphor and hidden meaning also adds mystique to her sound.


Not just anyone will appreciate her sound.  No, Instead her music is geared towards true lovers of music, Those who like to listen to the lyrics and sit and ponder about what they could mean.


Named as Hot 92 FM’s featured MySpace artist, Yelitza was formerly lead singer of the group Butterfly Catchers which gained notoriety in 2006 as a featured group on the venerated Late Show with Jimmy Franks and as winners of the Birmingham Music Awards for best unplugged act of 2005.  Performing continuously since 2001, Yelitza sings throughout the U.K. to packed crowds at festivals and club venues, backed by airplay on: Newstyle, Hot 92 FM, Galaxy, 1 Xtra and Aston Radio.  Her MySpace and website receiving hits from across the Globe!


Says Yelitza of songwriting: “Writing songs is like catching butterflies, a lot of patience, a little sweetness at your finger tips and if you’re lucky you just might catch a good one!”  She is committed to maintaining honesty in her music and is all set to enchant her audience.  “Music and words are so powerful, they can make you feel good, can inspire and empower.  That’s what I love about it”.

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